Niederwald, situated at 1221 metres above sea level, is one of the most untouched settlings full of character in the Goms. Because Niederwald is partly built in rows on a steep hill, the close building style results in a very effective staggering of the gables. As if the village square had been pushed to the edge of the dense village, it is surrounded by general purpose buildings on the one hand and some magnificent houses on the other. In the centre of the square there is the Caesar Ritz well, which was given to the village Niederwald by Monique Ritz - the daughter-in-law of Caesar Ritz and the last representative of the Ritz dynasty. But who thinks of a little Goms village named Niederwald when hearing the name hotel «Ritz»? Even so the famous Caesar Ritz, whose name can be found on noble hotels around the world, was born in Niederwald, which was inhabited by not many more than a hundred souls during his youth. Niederwald was a very small community, and has remained as such until today. The birth house of Caesar Ritz is still to be seen, which has remained inhabited to this day.