The arrival
From early youth Marie-Louise Ritz was used to receiving the great people of the world. This time round she was the hostess of mountain farmers. Even before Marie-Louise Ritz went into the village with her guests, people were singing in honour to her. The Niederwald traditional costumes mixed with the robes of the others to form a community of cheerful colours. In one of the old wooden houses, which had been burned black by the sun higher up in the village, the home of Caesar Ritz, the widow who had come from Paris welcomed her guests from near and afar. One of the first to arrive was the then Bundesrat (federal council of Switzerland) Dr. J Escher. Around about lunch time the magistrate accompanied the aged hostess carefully down to the village square, where Raclette cheese was served later on. Marie-Louise Ritz was accompanied by her son Charles Ritz, who was also much attached to his fathers home.