Caesar Ritz was born on the 23rd February 1850 in Niederwald in the Goms valley. He was the 13th and youngest child of Anton and Kreszentia Ritz-Heinen, a Goms mountain farmer's son like all the others, however he was a very special boy.

His mother thought she sensed a fine creative side to him even when he was very young - a time when nobody thought that this bright boy would once become the «King of hoteliers and hotelier of kings». As a fourteen year old he left his home village for the first time and went to a French speaking school in Sion.

When Caesar Ritz showed little commitment and gratefulness, his father sent him to Brig to the «Hotel Couronne et Poste» to do an apprenticeship as a waiter where he made first contact with the catering world and the patron disappointed him by saying: «You will never become a real hotelier» (Citation: Joseph Escher, former director of the hotel «Couronne et Poste» in Brig).