1850 Niederwald: born as youngest of 13 children of the mountain farmer (Johann) Anton Ritz and his wife Kreszentia, born Heinen.
1865 Brig: The apprenticeship as waiter in the hotel Brig «Couronne et Poste» ends after a short time with a resignation.
1867 Paris: The World exhibition and the hope of learning the profession of a hotelier lure the seventeen year old to the Seine, second apprenticeship as barman, porter and waiter.
1868-1869 Sack, work in different restaurants.
1869-1871 Paris: In the renowned restaurant «Voisin» he takes a new approach as assistant waiter and works successfully.
1872 Paris: In the luxury hotel «Splendide» he works his way up from waiter, to head waiter and finally to maître d'. First contact with guests from overseas.