Chronology (part 2)
1873 Vienna, world exhibition: Caesar Ritz finds a new position in the Restaurant «Les Trois Frères Provençaux». He studies the «fine English way» of living.
1874 Nice/Rigi: The wish to learn more about noble guests and their vacation habits leads him to the Côte d'Azur in the winter and to Switzerland in the summer, to the «Rigi Kulm-Hotel». In both hotels he works as head waiter.
1875 Locarno: In the «Grand Hotel» he gains experience in the Italian speaking Ticino.
1876-1877 San Remo: In the «Grand Hotel» in Nice he is responsible for service and administration, and soon later takes over the management of the hotel «Viktoria».
1877 Lucerne: He takes over the management of the hotel «National». With the comfort of the house and grand festivities Caesar Ritz succeeds in gaining an international reputation for the hotel in only two summer seasons.