Marie-Louise Ritz (part 2)
Marie-Louise Ritz was an incomparable companion, a loyal friend and essential support for her husband. She was intelligent, energetic, cosmopolitan and multi-lingual and always stood by her husband with advice and deeds because she knew a lot about the hotel business. Her interest in art, literature and culture added to an unforgettable taste in her designing. She played a big part in the success of the interior design of the hotels in Paris and Rome. As Caesar Ritz soon fell ill and didn't have the strength to take part in all events, she continued to carry out the most important businesses energetically. From the beginning she found a good friend an advisor in the chef Auguste Escoffer. At that time the great tragic actress Sarah Bernhardt was a regular guest at the «Ritz». Auguste Escoffier was persuaded to constantly prepare even more exclusive menus, because Sarah Bernhardt increasingly refreshed herself on diet menus. Marie-Louise Ritz also took interest in the often poetic named courses of Auguste Escoffier. She urged him to do more for an exquisite menu, because she was convinced by Caesar Ritz's opinion, that the cuisine played an important part in the excellence of the hotel.