Monique Ritz
Monique Ritz, born Ramseier, is the last representative of the Ritz dynasty. She was the wife of Charles Ritz, son of the world famous Caesar Ritz. Unfortunately she never got to know Caesar Ritz personally, as he died much too early in 1918. On the contrary she got to know his wife Marie-Louise Ritz very well as she too was a great manageress of luxury hotels. Monique Ritz knew the expression luxury hotel well from the «Place Vendôme». It was there that she met world famous people like Ernest Hemingway. Her mother-in-law Marie-Louise Ritz became a loyal friend to her. Monique Ritz remembers very well how Marie-Louise Ritz still took part in festivities at the «Ritz» until 3 am at the proud age of 90. One thing was always first priority: Caesar Ritz was always her great idol and a souvenir in her heart. It was Monique Ritz and her husband Charles Ritz, who continued the «Caesar Ritz Foundation Niederwald», which had been founded due to Caesar Ritz's wish, after the death of Marie-Louise Ritz. Together with Charles Ritz she managed many difficult tasks which were transferred to them through heritage.