Caesar Ritz, prime father of the superior hotel business and founder of the Ritz-Carlton hotels, grew up in Goms. His ideology of true hospitality has left its traces in the Goms until today. Many gastronomy businesses in the Goms live by the philosophy of Caesar Ritz.

The Ritz-panel which was fixed to the entrances of these Goms businesses leads the guest to a world of culinary delights. Creative chefs from the Goms have invented new interpretations of the culinary heritage since the jubilee in the year 2000. The special Ritz menu is prepared mainly with seasonal and local products.

- Ahorni, Oberwald - Drei Tannen, Niederwald
- Landhaus, Münster - Ambassador, Bellwald
- Croix d'Or et Poste, Münster  
- Tenne, Gluringen
- Castle, Blitzingen