Last resting-place
On Saturday 14th January 1961 a special train from Paris stopped in the small mountain village of Niederwald. In a small coffin the deceased Marie-Louise Ritz, in a larger one the disinterred bodies of Caesar Ritz and his son René Ritz. The two coffins were laid out in the birth house of Caesar Ritz on the upper skirts of the little village. The village people waked loyally until Monday and prayed for there great son and his family. On Monday morning the two coffins were laid out on the village square next to the Ritz Memorial Well, coffins in pale oak wood with silver fittings and crucifix. On the same day a special train brought the mourners. At the head of the group was the first born son of the great Caesar Ritz, the 70 year old Charles Ritz, the owner of the Hotel «Ritz» in Paris. The whole village of Niederwald took part in the burial of «their» Caesar Ritz, who the older generation of the village all knew personally. The press of the world was also present at the burial in Niederwald. But also the recently deceased widow of the king of hotels was known to every child in Niederwald, because she had visited the birth house of the family Ritz for many years for a few days.