Themed trail «Caesar Ritz Life Trail»
In September 2002 the «Caesar Ritz Life Trail» was opened in Niederwald. This interactive nature trail leads from Niederwald to Blitzingen and back on a 5km path. On 6 sign posts along the way ramblers will find out more about the life of the world famous Goms hotel genius Caesar Ritz.

The «Caesar Ritz Life Trail» is a bilingual, self-explaining and chronological themed trail. The choice of route was adapted to Caesar Ritz's life; a rigid, stony beginning, that becomes smooth and mounds into wide paths.

On the six sign posts you also learn more about the world famous «Ritz-philosophy». Principles, which attach great importance to extensive hospitality, boundless luxury as well as ingenious architecture, made the hotel as a work of art into a place where kings stay. The signposts were positioned in places with distinctive features, which symbolize the respective stages of Ritz's life.